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R & D

Hanita’s physicists, chemists and engineers work in conjunction with leading
OEM companies to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of today’s industrial processes. Our major suppliers of film and chemicals are strategic partners in Hanita’s product development. Teamed with them, and employing our own resources and knowledge, we develop innovative products with flair and ingenuity.

Around 10% of the Hanita workforce and a significant yearly budget are dedicated to R&D, initiating new products and processes, and answering custom needs. Responding to specific development requests, the R&D team works closely with the customer throughout the product development process, ensuring that the end product conforms tightly to required specifications. Our independence of production, coupled with our compact company size, allows for flexibility and responsiveness that are ideal for customized product development and manufacture.

Hanita Coatings was one of the precursors of ISO quality assurance qualification in Israeli industry, receiving ISO 9002 certification in 1994. In March 2001, our qualification was upgraded to ISO 9001-2000, the most comprehensive and prestigious ISO 9000 standard that monitors all aspects of industry, from R&D to product delivery. Our quality accreditation guarantees that each product consistently meets the demanding standards we set, with individual inspection and computerized tracking of each roll. It also ensures that our product research and development processes comply with the most stringent of international qualifications.

In 2009, Hanita gained ISO certification by the Israel Standards Institute for the implementation of Environmental and Health and Safety standards ISO 14001 and 18001.


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