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Over the last 20 years, Hanita Coatings has updated and re-invested in production facilities, staying in the forefront of technological development. A recently installed state-of-the-art Sam 2.1m width coater laminator provides sophisticated new production techniques, improved production speeds, and enhanced levels of cleanliness. New processes such as atmospheric plasma, inert UV, controlled shrinkage and enhanced heat stabilization deliver superior coating adhesion, new coating formulations and increased dimensional stability. This provides you, the customer, with a competitive edge.

To complement the investment in coating capabilities, we have recently installed a Laem System wide-web center driven slitter rewinder, specifically tailored to handle delicate coatings and exposed metallization at high speeds.

Our technological portfolio includes:

• Metallizer: 2.1 m (82″) Leybold vacuum roll coater
• Metallizer: 2.3 m (90″) Leybold vacuum roll coater
• Coater laminators: Sam 2.1 m (82″) width; Egan 2.1 m (82″) width; Egan 0.7m (27.5”) pilot coater; Kroenert 1.6 m (63″) width
• Electroplating: Two roll-to-roll electroplating lines
• Slitters: Kampf; Dusenbery; Laem Systems; and PSP. Includes clean room facility.
• Warehousing: over 6000 m2 (65,000 sq ft) of storage
• Metallizing

Hanita Coatings’ metallizing capability includes unique and patented methods of reactive deposition, using two Leybold Vacuum-Roll Coaters to coat films with aluminium, copper and other metals, oxides and alloys.

Coating techniques

• Direct gravure
• Reverse gravure
• Mayer rod
• Reverse roll
• Comma coating
• Pressurized enclosed chamber
• In line Corona treatment
• Atmospheric plasma
• UV radiation curing – atmospheric and inert
• Pre Shrink treatment
• Heat stabilization
• Controlled shrinkage

Typical coatings

• Print receptive
• Abrasion resistant
• Anti-static
• Nanoparticle
• UV block
• Lacquers
• Heat activated and pressure sensitive adhesives
• Top, buried and dyed color
• Custom Development

Hanita Coatings’ ISO 9001:2000 accredited, technologically advanced facilities provide the ideal environment for custom product development. See our Custom Development section for further details.


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